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Application Form

If you wish to apply to study with us – also contains the USI authority form which notifies us of your USI or allows us to request creation of a USI on your behalf (required for enrolment)

Credit Application Form

If you want to apply for Credit Transfer

Complaints and Appeals Form

If you wish to complain about our services, or appeal an assessment decision made

Refund Application Form

If you believe you have grounds for a refund

Marketing Permissions Form

If we want to use your picture, testimonial or other details on our marketing material (e.g. website) we will ask you to complete this.

Student change of Details Form

Used to notify us if your personal details (e.g. name, contact details, address) have changed.

Withdrawal Form

If you wish to withdraw from a currently enrolled course of study.

Assessment Task Cover Sheet

Please use this when submitting assessment tasks

Suggestion for Improvement Form

If you would like to supply us with a suggestion to improve our services

Request to Access Records Form

To request access to the information we have in your file

Amendment to Records Form

If you believe the information we have in your file is incorrect

Application for Deferral Form

If you wish to defer your studies in in compassionate or compelling circumstances

Internal course transfer form

If you wish to change to another course with Ridge International College.

Application for Leave of Absence